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The dispute management process at Ingenico ePayments is centered on the WebCollect Payment Console, where a dispute can be initiated. A dispute is an objection against the validity of a chargeback. A dispute can also be referred to as a representment. Once a dispute has been received by Ingenico ePayments, we will gather and review the evidence and forward it accordingly to the acquiring bank, who in turn will review and present it to the issuing bank, provided the supporting documentation is sufficient. It is the issuing bank who decides if the evidence provided is sufficient to withdraw the chargeback or not; this entire process is governed by the card scheme rules and regulations.

Process Flow

As illustrated in the below process flow, a dispute will complete one full circle. It is initiated by you and ultimately, feedback on the outcome of a dispute is provided back to you.


Please note that Ingenico ePayments will not receive feedback from the issuing and acquiring banks on the outcome of all cases, therefore it can occur that a dispute is lost but that no specific reason is given.

It is important to provide the response in the following format:

  • English
  • Legible
  • Professional look & feel
  • Structured & organized format

Note: The following information currently only applies to our platform, Ogone platform content is still under construction but will follow shortly.


(Image from our platform)

Once you have  located an order with a chargeback in the WebCollect Payment Console you can click on the “payment details” tab and the dispute button will be located on the bottom of the screen, as shown below.

After clicking on the dispute button, the screen below will pop up and you are required to enter information. The ‘contact person’ field is automatically filled in with your user ID, though this can be changed by you if preferred. The email address field is mandatory. This email address will be used to receive automatic email status update notifications.


Please attach supporting documents and enter any additional information in the “Other Information” box. You can attach up to 5 files, but the total size of all the files combined must be LESS than 5 MB. If the total file size is larger than 5 MB, you will receive the following error message:


After the dispute is sent, you can go back to view your dispute (you may need to refresh the screen). The dispute details are shown as a tab in the order details below.


Time-frame disputes

From the moment a chargeback has been reported you have 14 calendar days to initiate a dispute. If you fail to respond to a chargeback on time, the Representment rights will be lost and Ingenico ePayments cannot defend the chargeback on your behalf.

From the moment a dispute has been processed by our platform, and it has been given status ‘SENT_TO_BANK’, it can take up to 45 days before a resolution is known. If after 45 days Ingenico ePayments has not yet receive any feedback from the issuing and acquiring bank, the case will automatically expire. This means the dispute has been lost.

Authorization reversal

We’re currently writing the text explaining how this works through this platform and will publish it here when it’s done. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions until that time.