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Payouts is the term generally used to cover a payment that you make when you want to credit the bank account of a customer. It does not refer to incoming payments that you receive, nor does it apply to refunds or reversals. Payouts are usually made to customers for items such as rebates, winnings, earnings or affiliate programs etc.

The GlobalCollect platform provides a payout service where transactions will be initiated as a bank transfer to the consumer. You must provide the country specific details needed to process the payout. After some online checks have been conducted on bank account information, the bank transfer payment is initiated to the consumer and reporting takes place online through the Payment Console in addition to a report in ASCII format.

Process flows

In order to integrate Payouts, please refer to our API Reference.


  1. You pre-fund our Payout account in the proper currency.
  2. You send Payout payment request and mandatory information (consumers bank account number, amount and current to be paid) required based on the country to us.
  3. We check the funds availability in the Payout account to confirm the pre-funding and initiates the bank transfer payment to the consumer.
  4. Our bank reports the bank transfer payment to us.
  5. We report the bank transfer payment to you.

Test data

Please be advised that there is no end-to-end test environment for Payouts.


Payouts are reported in a DC file. This is a flat ASCII file and contains the following information:

  • Payout orders rejected
  • Payout orders processed
  • Payout orders reversed
  • Corrections on payout orders reversed

The Payouts report file is generated and delivered to SFT before 0.00 CET.

Status of Payout transactions are reported in the Payment Console and will also be provided in offline, single Payment Report files, that are generated and delivered to SFT before 0.00 CET.

How to enable this service (boarding)

Ingenico ePayments will do the boarding on your behalf. No documentation needs to be supplied by you.

Additional information

You will be allocated a separate CID (card identification) on the GlobalCollect platform.

You will also receive a SFT (Secure File Transfer) account to upload and/or download data.

You must pre-fund a dedicated Payout account. Pre-funding may be done for the SEPA enabled countries on the GlobalCollect platform. For Payouts in the United Kingdom, prefunding may be done in GBP. Please contact us for the account details.

Country specific information

In order to process a Payouts in a SEPA country it is recommended to request the IBAN from your customers. The following details are required:


  • IBAN
  • Text to be printed on the consumer account statement 

United Kingdom (UK)

  • Consumer bank account number
  • Consumer bank code
  • Account holder name (consumer)
  • Text to be printed on the consumer account statement