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Shopify extension setup


Shopify store

In case you don't have a Shopify store yet please visit to set up your own online store.

Worldline account

To use this extension, you need an Worldline account. Please visit for more information or contact the Worldline team. 

Alternatively you can also test out the Shopify extension with a free Sandbox account.

Installation and configuration

Step 1: Installation

Go to and enter the first part of your myshopify-URL. Confirm the ‘install’.


Step 2: Configuration

General Settings


Choose one of the different environments that you want to link your store with:

  • Sandbox
  • Pre-Production
  • Production
Authorization mode

Choose the authorization mode used for your transactions:

  • Sale
    The payment creation results in an authorization that is already captured at the moment of approval.
  • Final Authorization
    The payment creation results in an authorization that is ready for capture. Final authorizations can't be reversed and need to be captured for the full amount within 7 days.
  • Pre-authorization
    The payment creation results in a pre-authorization that is ready for capture. Pre-authortizations can be reversed and can be captured within 30 days. The capture amount can be lower than the authorized amount.


Merchant ID

Enter the merchant ID. You can find it in the Worldline Configuration Center.


API keys

Enter the API key ID and API Secret Key.

You can also find these in the ePayments Configuration Center.


Webhooks keys

Enter the Webhook key ID and Webhook Secret Key.

You can also find these in the ePayments Configuration Center.


Webhook endpoint

Go to Webhooks in the Configuration Center and add an endpoint.


Copy the provided endpoint URL from the settings app:


Paste the URL in the field “Endpoint URL” in the configuration center. Select “Send all events”, enter your password and submit.


Install Payment Gateway

The next step of the installation guide will provide you a link to authorize the payment gateway. Click the link and confirm.

Next up you will be redirected to the Payment providers section in the setting of your Shopify store.

Under Alternative Payments select Worldline Gateway.


Enter your Merchant ID and the API Secret Key. If you go back to Apps > Worldline Settings you can copy these values.


Complete installation

Go back to the settings app (Apps > Worldline Settings) and click the button “Complete install”.




Under General settings you can change the environment, language and enter the email address of the fraud manager.

Set “Save logs” to Yes if you want all communication between Shopify and Worldlineto be logged.

An extra tab “Logs” will appear, where you can download the log files.



The connection settings provided during the installation process.

Custom messages

For each payment status you can set up a custom response message to the customer. When left blank the default response is used.



Order placement

A new payment method will be available in the checkout:


After placing an order with the Worldline payment method, the customer is redirected to an external page to enter the payment information. The external page is hosted by Worldline.

Afterwards, the customer is redirected back to Shopify and will see the Thank you page.

The payment status will be AUTHORIZED in case of Final- or Pre-authorization on Authorization Settings. Otherwise the status PAID will indicate a successful transaction. The next section explains how to deal with those statuses.


If you are using Final- or Pre-authorization (see section Authorization Settings). Orders that are processed with Worldline have to be manually captured (approved) by the merchant.

For more information on how to capture an order in Shopify go to

Note that you can only capture once.

As soon as Worldline reports the capture or approval as complete, the payment status in Shopify is set to PAID.

Refund and cancellation

You can refund an entire order or part of an order. In some circumstances, you can cancel an order and issue a refund.

For more information on how to refund or cancel an order in Shopify go to

The refund or cancellation will be marked “pending”. As soon as Worldline reports the refund or cancellation as complete, the payment status in Shopify is set to REFUNDED or VOIDED.