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Russia solution

Important information

Due to the current sanctions, our offering in Russia is adjusted. Please reach out to your contact person at Worldline for more details.


Russia is a market that can offer big opportunities: With a population of more than 145 million and an eCommerce market of over EUR 30 Billion with a 15% growth rate, it has the attention of many players. Although the numbers are impressive, the eCommerce market also will bring some challenges:

  • Cross border acquiring of cards often shows low authorization rate, while setting-up a local entity and process via domestic channels won't solve your issues around local VAT and the repatriation of collected funds;
  • The regulations in Russia require you to store consumer data locally;
  • The Ruble is a very volatile currency: The longer you wait to convert and repatriate, the higher the risk that fluctuations in the exchange rate lead to a loss in value;
  • As the preferred local card scheme, more and more cards are issued by MIR. In order to optimize your selection of available payment options MIR becomes a vital product.

How we can help you

Our solution for the Russian market will help you to address all of the challenges listed above. Many of our customers have already been benefitting from our partnerships with Russia's leading acquiring banks:

  • The solution doesn't require a local entity and will foresee in the repatriation of funds;
  • Your transactions will be processed locally and will be routed directly to the issuing banks, resulting in the highest possible authorization rate;
  • Our solution allows you to accept Visa, Mastercard and MIR card;
  • We will collect the Ruble and convert it to your preferred currency of choice;
  • The solution is fully compliant with Russian regulations.

Getting started

Local acquiring

Our solution for local acquiring will work just like our standard integration for cross border transactions. You can consult our developer portal pages on Visa & Mastercard to find out more details about the integrations. Please don't forget to pay extra attention to the available card numbers for testing, we are providing specific cases to simulate a transaction from a Russian consumer. 

During the onboarding process we will take care that the configuration in our systems is set-up in such a way that your transactions are routed to the right channels. 

MIR Card

MIR card is a separate product and has a separate payment product ID on our platform. However, the concept of the integration of MIR is the same as for other card products. On the product page of MIR you can find more details about this payment product.

International payment methods available in Russia

Please note that we also offer a selection of international payment methods that are available for consumers in Russia. Explore here the overview of all payment products available in Russia, in order of prevalence.

Consumer experience

For consumers it is reassuring if they can pay in their own language. It increases their trust in the checkout page and makes it easier to fill in the details they need to provide for the payment product they choose.

In case you use the MyCheckout hosted payment pages, you can show it in Russian to consumers by adding the locale ru_RU to the create hosted checkout request as shown below:

        "amountOfMoney": {
            "currencyCode": "RUB",
            "amount": 2345
        "customer": {
            "billingAddress": {
                "countryCode": "RU"
    "hostedCheckoutSpecificInput": {
        "variant": "testVariant",
        "locale": "ru_RB"

If you want to change the texts shown to consumers, you can download the Excel-file from the configuration center and adjust the texts to your liking. They will appear on the MyCheckout hosted payment pages in case the Russian locale is used for the checkout. In case you use your own checkout page and would like to know which texts you can use, feel free to find the translations in the aforementioned Excel file.

Once you logged into the configuration center, follow these steps:

  • Go the submenu Merchant Settings - Hosted payment pages - Language packs
  • Scroll to Russian and click on download;
  • Adjust the column "value (editable)" if you want to change the text which is currently shown on the MyCheckout hosted payment pages;
  • In the column "default value for ru_RU" you find the original translation for the text provided by Worldline;
  • In the column "default value for en_GB" you find the original English text to help you while translating and understanding the text;
  • Once you are done, click on actions and then upload new language pack.