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  • Direct Debits for US consumers, also known as eChecks
  • Transaction fees are fixed per transaction
  • Supports both one-off and recurring business models
  • Allow consumers to pay easily with Apple Pay from your website or mobile app
  • Easy to integrate Apple Pay in your app or on the checkout page
  • Increase your conversion
  • Due to the ability to authorize domestic cards the conversion rate will be boosted.
  • Your Consumers will be able to make use of the direct connection to our bank, which will give them the User Experience they also have when buying something from a local merchant. 
  • Consumers can checkout faster with a simple press of a button
  • Increased conversion, as a consumer can pay without having to enter all their payment details
  • Easy integration of Google Pay to your checkout flow
  • Compliant payout solution for Visa accounts
  • Real-time payout to cardholder's account
  • Multi-currency support
  • WeChat is the most popular messaging app in China
  • Offers user-friendly and transparent payment service to 1.1 billion Chinese consumers with WeChat accounts
  • In-app and QR-code are ready for beta

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