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Payment group: e-Invoice
Payment product id: 9001

Afterpay and Ingenico offer you the unique integration of an open invoice payment method on Connect. The solution providers two separate payment products:

  • Afterpay – Invoice: Your customer receives an invoice which has to be paid within 14 working days. Afterpay guarantees the payment to you and you will be able to release the order without having to worry if the customer will pay.
  • Afterpay – Installments: The same concept as the invoice product, but the main difference is that the customer will be able to choose an installment plan. The available plans can be different, based on the basket value, but typically are 3, 6 and 12 months. Just like the invoice option Afterpay will remit the full amount to you after the order is completed. The customer receives the invoice with the monthly installment instructions.

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Key benefits

  • Buy now. Pay after 14 days. 
  • Consumers don't need create an account upfront. 
  • You can release the order without having to worry about being paid. 


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