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  • Do I need to undergo a boarding process with Alipay?

    GlobalCollect will take care of the boarding process on your behalf.

  • Do I need to have a separate contract with Alipay?

    There is no need to sign a separate contract with Alipay.

  • Can Alipay payments be reversed by the consumer?

    Payments via Alipay are cannot be reversed by the consumer. You can refund money back to the consumer’s Alipay account.

  • Does Alipay support recurring transactions?

    Currently, Alipay does not support recurring transactions.

  • What are the minimum and maximum amounts for a single transaction?

    The minimum amount for a transaction is CNY 1 and the maximum amount per a single transaction is CNY 300 000.

  • When can I refund a transaction?

    You can refund a transaction when it has reached status Paid

  • What are the funding options for Alipay users?
    • Real-time: Debit and credit cards via online banking
    • Real-time: Alipay issued prepaid cards
    • Real-time: Other Alipay accounts (eg: p2p transfers)
    • Not Real-time: Alternative funding methods (cash, check, bank transfer)
  • Is the refund done in real-time?

    Currently refunds are not done in real-time. Alipay will do a check on the refund before executing it. Alipay is working on a solution to allow the possibility of executing refunds in real-time. We will notify you once this feature has been released.

  • Is there a time limit in which I can refund?

    The refund has to be initiated within 90 days of the original transaction.

  • Are Alipay payments done in real-time?

    Payments via Alipay are done in real-time. The consumer is redirected to their Alipay account and prompted to provide approval for the transaction. The result of the payment is reported back to you.