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Process flows

In order to integrate Alipay, please refer to our API Reference.

  1. The consumer places an order on your website and chooses to pay with Alipay.
  2. The consumer is redirected to the Alipay website to log in and is prompted to confirm the billing information and funding source within the e-wallet.
  3. The consumer is then presented with the order amount in RMB (CNY), which is calculated by Alipay automatically with the daily conversion rate.
  4. The consumer logs in to the Alipay account to confirm the payment.
  5. We receive real-time feedback on the transaction approval from Alipay once the consumer completes the payment via the Alipay payment page.
  6. The payment status is communicated to you in real-time.
  7. The funds are transferred within a few days after we are settled by Alipay for the transaction.
  8. We confirm the funds received in the bank statement.
  9. We remit the collected payments to you. It also provides online and offline daily reports informing you on the payments received. Individual payments’ status is always available in the payment console.