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Process flows

In order to integrate cards, please refer to our API Reference.

  1. The consumer selects a card payment product and makes a transaction with you.
  2. Your server sends the authorization request to us containing the card payment details of the consumer and your reference ID.
  3. We redirect the authorization request to the relevant acquiring channel.
  4. The acquirer redirects the authorization request to the card issuing bank.
  5. The card issuing bank processes the transaction in real-time, returning an authorization or decline response.
  6. The acquirer sends the authorization result to us.
  7. We return the request response result to you - If the request is authorized, you can choose to release the product or service to the consumer.
  8. We will also, automatically or after a request for capture, send the settlement file to the acquirer to facilitate collection of a successfully authorized transaction.
  9. The acquirer sends the settlement request, via the card scheme, to the card issuing bank and the consumer‘s account will be debited accordingly.
  10. The card issuing bank transfers, via the card scheme, the funds to the acquirer.
  11. The acquirer transfers the funds to our bank account where the confirmation of funds is registered.
  12. You will then receive the funds and a payment report which will include your payment reference – This enables you to update the relevant orders based on the information contained in the report.

During the transaction process the payment status is updated each time a request or response is received and the changes are reported to your system.

The latest version of the programmers guide explains in detail each status that is reported.