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Payment group: e-Wallet
Payment product id: 8580

QIWI Wallet has more than 14 million registered wallets with over 169,000 kiosks and terminals available for cash payments. The GlobalCollect platform with QIWI Wallet is a full service model that introduces QIWI Wallet payment products and refund services to enable you to offer additional payment options to customers in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

QIWI Wallet offers three types of payments: pull payments, push payments, and mobile payments. QIWI Wallet defines pull payments as a payment initiated by customer at your website. A QIWI Wallet push payment is a payment initiated by consumer on any QIWI Wallet interface. In order to be able to validate the payment and references provided by your customer, you have to accept/approve the payment before it can be processed by the QIWI Wallet.

Product Categories

QIWI Wallet Payments

QIWI Wallet is an online payment service operating mainly in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan, but also quickly expanding into CIS and other regions. QIWI Wallet uses the customer’s mobile phone number as a user ID and provides passwords via SMS. QIWI Wallet customers can fund payments from the balance of QIWI Wallet account, from their mobile phone account balance, with a debit or credit card linked to their QIWI Wallet, with cash at a QIWI terminal, or via WebMoney. QIWI Wallet is also available via mobile applications and at QIWI terminals.

QIWI Terminal Payments

QIWI Terminal Payments are cash payments made available via kiosks and terminals throughout Russia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan, servicing 80 million unique monthly users.

Mobile Payments

QIWI Wallet allows the consumer to pay with the balance of their prepaid mobile account.

Payment Type Options

During the QIWI Wallet payment process, the customer can chose one of the 5 payment methods listed below:

  • QIWI wallet balance (all countries, where QIWI Wallet registration is available)
  • Cash payment at QIWI terminal (Russia and Kazakhstan)
  • Mobile payments (Russian mobile network operators: MTS, Beeline, Megafon)
  • Bank cards – (all countries, where QIWI wallet registration is available and for users who have linked their bank card to their QIWI wallet)
  • WebMoney (for users who have linked their WebMoney account to their QIWI wallet)

The GlobalCollect platform supports the following services for QIWI Wallet payments:

  • Payment transaction
  • Refunds, partial refunds, and two step refunds
  • Multicurrency (EUR, KZT, RUB and USD)
  • Error messages and mapping
  • Cancellations

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