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  • Do I need to have a separate contract with Skrill?

    We will arrange for you that you are registered in their systems. There is no need to sign a separate contract with Skrill.

  • Can Skrill payments be reversed by the consumer?

    Skrill payments can be reversed by the consumer. We only allow customers to pay from their ewallet balance. This will reduce the number of reversals, but in case the consumer initiates a charge back for the transaction they used originally to top-up their wallet any transactions made out of this amount will be reversed.

  • Are Skrill payments done in real-time?

    Skrill payments are real-time. The consumer is redirected to the Skrill portal and has to enter his ewallet to provide approval for the transaction. The result of the payment is reported back to you.

  • Does Skrill support recurring?

    At this moment Skrill does not support recurring transactions.

  • What are the maximum amounts for a single transaction?

    The maximum amount is USD 10.000.