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Just like incoming payments via Trustly, refunds are processed instantly on the platform. This will add great advantages for your consumers who can benefit from shorter timelines to receive the funds back on their bank account. 

Core Markets vs. Secondary Markets

While Trustly continues to improve its network by integrating more banks, it is important to understand that the level of coverage is not to the same level in each market. Next to coverage, there are also some differences in consumer adoption between different countries, where in some countries consumers are less eager to pay using their online banking credentials and it will still take time for these consumers to adopt this way of paying.

Although all of the countries are available to you it is important to make a distinction between so called Core Markets & Secondary Markets in terms of adoption and approval rates. The split is as follows: 

Core Markets Secondary Markets
Austria Belgium
Denmark Czech Republic
Estonia Hungary
Finland Ireland
Germany Norway
Latvia Romania
Lithuania Spain
United Kingdom

Entity Requirements

There are no specific in-country requirements except for gambling merchants. These must be licensed in Europe. 

Restricted/Forbidden Industries

Trustly does not engage in business relationships with companies engaged in the following industries, nor with unlicensed businesses in licensed sectors:

  • Adult entertainment (businesses where revenue is gained in part or whole from explicitly sexual material, including, but not limited to content (images and other media)) and escort services;
  • Facilitating purchase/sale of cryptocurrencies (e.g. Exchange platforms);
  • Marijuana dispensaries and related businesses;
  • Pseudo-pharmaceuticals;
  • Illegal drugs and drugs paraphernalia;
  • Weapons and ammunition (ammo, equipment, explosives) except for sports, antiques or collectors’ items;
  • Pyramid selling, Ponzi schemes or other “get rich quick” schemes;
  • Fortune tellers, mediums and other services speculating around supernatural phenomena;
  • Distributing of items protected by copyright law (licensed software, file sharing, music, etc.) Without a valid license/authorization in place in the form of an IPR statement;
  • Money remittance where Company services are utilized through a Partner Programme for Collecting PSP's (CPSP);
  • Shell banks as defined under FATF recommendations
  • Binary Merchants are restricted
  • Computer (including remote) tech support/performance optimisation/virus removal solutions (sellers/authorised resellers of downloadable and installable antivirus software fall outside of scope of this prohibition)

Exposure Limits

You should consider the following factors when setting risk limits in order to optimize conversion:

  • Is Instant delivery of goods critical?
  • What is the ATV?
  • What is the your appetite for Risk

Eg. Online Gaming:

  • Instant delivery of service is critical, ATV is low. Revenue upside from instant delivery outweighs risk of loss;
  • Higher Risk Limits will be set to increase conversion and improve user experience

Eg. Luxury Retail: 

  • Instant delivery of service is not critical, ATV is high. Risk of loss outweighs the upside of instant delivery of service; 
  • Lower Risk limits will be set and the merchant will wait for settlement before shipping goods


Trustly is offered in a Full Service model. This means that we take care of the collection and reporting of the funds. Status changes that affect the financial position (like refunds and payments) will be reported in our standard reports, as described in the reporting section. 

Refunds on this payment product  are made via the Trustly platform and can be processed in two ways:

  • Submitting a refund action on the order via API
  • Pushing the refund button on the Payment Console

Please be aware that the total value of the refunds submitted on the order may not exceed the total amount paid on the payment. The maximum number of days for processing a refund is 180 days.