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  • Is there a fraud detection or prevention tool available via Trustly’s service?

    Trustly’s Risk Management service minimises fraud risk by:

    1. building on bank-level data security;
    2. not sharing bank account details with Merchants;
    3. supporting the full range of bank-issued, multi-factor authentication and authorization methods;
    4. maintaining our own black lists of consumers, as well as white-lists of VIP consumers.
  • Do you offer two-factor authentication and if yes, how is it executed?

    Yes, Trustly supports the full range of bank-issued, multi-factor authentication and authorization methods for all available markets. These range from OTP via SMS to physical card readers. We do not circumvent the authentication methods used by each bank. 

  • Is Trustly an overlay/screen-scraping method or is it integrated to banks via direct API?

    Trustly will always use APIs where available, but will resort to overlays should the banks not make any direct APIs publicly available. In some cases, Trustly will use both APIs and overlays in conjunction, with the latter a backup to maintain our service should the APIs encounter any problems. 

  • Do Trustly have an app for mobile use?

    No, Trustly currently do not have their own app for mobile use, but Trustly’s products are optimized for mobile devices and can therefore be used in apps. 

  • Which industries typically use Trustly’s service?

    Trustly attracts merchants in a variety of online industries, including Retail, Gambling, Travel, Financial Services, Digital Content and Online Gaming. 

  • Which banks do Trustly support and what is the potential reach for the service and products?

    Please follow this link and scroll down to select the country to get the list of provided banks. 

  • Does Trustly have any plans to expand beyond Europe?

    Yes, Trustly has plans to expand outside of Europe although new markets are not yet confirmed. 

  • Do Trustly offer instant payments?

    Yes, Trustly provide an instant experience for both consumers and merchants in several core markets through our proprietary network of bank accounts throughout Europe, overcoming the lack of instant payment infrastructure currently available. In markets where the actual settlement is not instant, Trustly has the ability to  send an instant credit notification as soon as the payment has been completed, enabling merchants to ship goods immediately or credit customers’ accounts instantly. Please speak to your Account Manager for further information. 

  • Is Trustly licensed and certified?

    Yes, Trustly holds a PSD2 license to provide Payment Initiation Services (PIS) and Account Information Services (AIS) issued by the Swedish FSA which can be passported throughout all EU member states. Trustly is also certified by TÜV Saarland in Germany as having “Approved Data Protection” (“Geprüfter Datenschutz"). This was granted on the basis of a successful assessment and detailed document verification, including an on-site audit. 

  • Can payments made via Trustly be charged-back by consumers?

    No, all Pay-In transactions require multi-factor authentication and authorization as required by the consumer’s online bank. As such, there is no chargeback risk once the transaction has been authorized  by the consumer. 

  • Is it possible to refund more than 100% of the original transaction?

    No, this functionality is currently not supported.

  • When can I submit a refund on a Trustly order?

    Refunds on a Trustly payment can be processed as soon as the order has been updated to status 1000. This means the transaction has been reported as Paid. Please note that refunds are processed instantly on the platform. This will add great advantages for your consumers who can benefit from shorter timelines to receive the funds back on their bank account. 

  • Are payments made via Trustly confirmed in real time?

    Not always. A 650 response only indicates that the consumer completed the Trustly payment flow; it does not mean that the funds have settled. We recommend that you wait until the transaction status was updated to 800 before you send goods or provide services, particularly for high value transactions. Transactions are subject to non-settlement risk, and your Account Manager can advise when to send goods or provide services, based on your sector.

  • Which markets are Trustly’s core markets?

    Trustly’s core markets are the Nordics, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Poland & the Baltics.