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Payment group: Real-time Banking
Payment product id: 806

With our brand new Trustly integration, your consumers will be able to pay with a bank transfer and get a real-time confirmation after the checkout process has been finalized. Covering over thousands of banks across several European markets your consumers can make transactions from their own bank in the banking environment they trust. Moreover, well-known issues that come along with (offline) bank transfers no longer apply: typo’s in the account details or payment reference and under- & over-payments become a thing of the past. 

Essentially the solution lets your consumers pay directly from their own bank account in a secure and user-friendly way on mobile, tablet or PC. The pre-defined payment instructions with real-time feedback enable you to release the orders right after completion, providing an optimal checkout experience. Next to this, refunds will be processed through the same network to guarantee that your consumers get their money as quickly as possible.

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Key benefits

  • Strong Coverage - Trustly has access to thousands of banks across some of Europe's largest markets where the preference for bank payments are very strong by consumers, allowing merchants to sell more and faster. 
  • Automated fast refunds - Trustly’s automated cross-border refunds encourage shoppers to become more loyal, increase their basket size and shop more frequently.
  • Instant confirmation - Unlike most other bank transfer providers, Trustly not only sees when the funds are on their way but can also monitor the general speed of settlement, which enables you to offer same day shipping with more certainty. 


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