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Payment group: Real-time Banking
Payment product id: 865

Open Banking disrupting the payment landscape.

In Europe, Open Banking came as an opportunity out of PSD2 in November 2019. PSD2 mandated consumer banks aka Account Servicing Payment Service Provider (ASPSP) to open up their interfaces so that Third-Party Providers (TPP) can connect to them using Open Banking Technology. The TPP can facilitate two roles Account Service Provider AISP and Payment Initiation Service Provider PISP.

  • AISP: retrieving consumer financial data
  • PISP: initiating a consumer debit from their bank account

it's been predicted that by 2026, a quarter of the transactions will be open banking transactions in EU “ (source: Accenture 2020)

Worldline partnered with Volt to offer merchants the ability to create their own real-time branded payment method in Europe using the open banking rails.

With a simple boarding and Global roll-out procedure, our Open Banking solution is the first to offer 100% money guarantee feature through our cash management solution with it's own unique Settlement Notification.

Our value proposition is For big consumer brands with a loyal customer base who want to create their own payment method, our product uses Open Banking technology that provides a custom branded real-time banking solution with low fees.

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Key benefits

What makes us unique? supported functionalities

  • Branded payment method
    • You are able to offer this product in any way you see fit. Use your own logo and product name or use the one we suggest.
  • Instant settlement notification
    • With our cash management solution we are able to identify the exact moment funds have been transferred to our account and you can safely deliver your goods with a 100% guarantee that you will get paid.
  • Enriched data
    • We will be able to provide you with customer data of the consumer that made the payment.
  • Strong coverage
    • Access to more than 6000 banks in twenty countries.
  • One click refund
    • We are able to capture the data of the consumer that made the payment which also allows us to offer a way to quickly refund payments without having to ask the consumer for this information.