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Payment group: e-Wallet
Payment product id: 849

Yandex.Money is the leading online payment system in Russia. It is not only the safest, but also the most fast and reliable way of collecting payments from Russian customers. Yandex.Money is the largest media partner in Russia in terms of promotional possibilities

Yandex.Money is a 75 % subsidiary of Sberbank and 25% subsidiary of Yandex NV, a Russian IT company which operates the largest search engine in Russia (with 64% market share, ranked eighth-largest in the world) and develops a number of internet-based services and products. The home page has been rated as the most popular web site in Russia. Because of its parent company Yandex.Money has a highly recognized and trusted brand name.

Yandex.Money offers you the opportunity to reach a large group of online Russian consumers and allow them to pay in real-time. When processing Yandex.Money payments via us you do not need a Russian entity nor is there the need to have a bank account in Russia.

Yandex.Money is positioned as Russia's leading payment service provider, using innovative technology to make payments more convenient, secure, and accessible. It was founded in 2002 as a user-focused e-payment service, which allows merchants from all over the world take their businesses to the Russian and CIS market. Yandex.Money boasts 18 million users.

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