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The Account Updater allows you to update the details of tokenized cards such as the expiry date.

After you have integrated the usage of the Ingenico ePayments Tokenization Service, it will become possible to subscribe to the Account Updater. The Account Updater will regularly look for tokens that require updates based on predefined criteria and send update requests to the card schemes after which we update the tokens where necessary.

  • If updated card information is received, the token will be updated based on the information received.
  • If new card information is received then the token will be updated with the corresponding information.
  • If account closure is received then the token will be updated to deactivated status.
  • If no card update information is received, then no change will be performed

When to use Account Updater

The Account Updater should be used for Stored Credentials (e.g. recurring subscription based billing model). This will ensure that the tokenized credit card details are up to date at all time. For example, when a customer’s card expires you would receive a rejection due to the wrong expiry date and need to contact the customer to request the new expiry date to be able to continue billing. With the Account Updater, such disruptions to the billing cycle will be prevented; card details can be updated without having to contact the customer.

Types of Updates

Type of UpdateCommentAction
New card number It is possible to receive both the new card number and new card expiry date in the same update. Continue processing payment using the same token which is updated with new card information.
New card expiry date
New card scheme It is possible for a card to switch from one scheme to another when the issuer transfers their BIN across schemes. However it is not possible for affected cards to switch from debit to credit or vice versa. Continue processing payment using the same token which is updated with new card information.
Account closure It is possible for cardholder is close account due to various reasons. Stop processing payment with the deactivated token, and contact the cardholder for more information before attempting to re-bill.


  • Which card types can be updated by the Account Updater?
    • Mastercard and Visa issued in the United States
    • Mastercard issued in Canada
  • Are there country limitations?

    Only cards issued in the United States and Canada are eligible for updates.

  • Can I select a token to be updated?

    No, the ACU will automatically look for cards to be updated.

  • When do you update the tokens?

    The ACU will looks for cards to be updated on every Monday.