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This service is deprecated, webhooks is the notification service to use

The Ingenico ePayments platform uses the Payment Status Communicator to provide you with status information on successful orders. This service communicates the results of a payment from the payment server to you within two minutes of processing.

To enable this service, you must:

  • Set up an HTTPS web server site to accept the status posting
  • Ask us to configure the account with the URL

The Payment Status Communicator expects an OK or NOK to be returned as a response. No white spaces, redundant new lines, HTML tags, or any other characters should be returned.

Payment Status Communicator messages are sent on successful orders with a status of equal to or greater than 500 only.

Parameters for Payment Messages

MERCHANTID Merchant identifier N10 1
ORDERID Unique order identifier generated by our platform N10 212121
EFFORTID The sequence number for recurring orders N5 1
ATTEMPTID Identifier of the last successful payment attempt N5 1
AMOUNT Amount of payment in cents N12 29990 (=299.90)
CURRENCYCODE ISO 4217 currency code of payment AN3 USD
ADDITIONALREFERENCE Payment reference identifier Use this value as REFERENCEORIGPAYMENT in case of refunds—See API call: DO_REFUND AN30 000000000100002121210000100001
PAYMENTREFERENCE Payment Reference generated by WebCollect or taken from the tag OVERWRITEPAYMENTREFERENCE for · bank transfer · on-line banking · real time banking · check payments AN20 191900000001
PAYMENTMETHODID Chosen payment method N5 1 (credit card online)
PAYMENTPRODUCTID Chosen payment product N5 1(VISA)
STATUSID Status of the order N5 See WebCollect status codes
STATUSDATE Status date of the paymentFormat: CCYYMMDDHH24MISS N14 20030828152500
RECEIVEDDATE Date on which the payment is received N14 20030828152500
PROFILETOKEN Token of the profile used with this order AN40 84c19ac1-f64b-492d-ae25-41724afcf086
MERCHANTORDERID Order ID generated by the merchant N10 123
MERCHANTREFERENCE Unique payment reference used by the merchant AN50 VAL123456
CCLASTFOURDIGITS Last four digits of the credit card number—Only when PSCCOMMUNICATECCDETAILS is configured N4 1234
EXPIRYDATE Expiry date—Only when PSCCOMMUNICATECCDETAILS is configuredFormat: MMYY N4 1213
CVVRESULT Card security code (CVV) result—Only when PSCCOMMUNICATECCDETAILS is configured AN1 N
AVSRESULT Address Verification Service (AVS) result—Only when PSCCOMMUNICATECCDETAILS is configured AN1 N
FRAUDRESULT Fraud check result—Only when PSCCOMMUNICATECCDETAILS is configured AN1 N

Expected Response with Each Message

\n indicates a new line MessageMeaningDescription
OK\n ACCEPTED The message is received and successfully processed
NOK\n REJECTED The message is received but not accepted

Sample PSC Message with PSCCOMMUNICATECCDETAILS Configured


Sample PSC Message Without PSCCOMMUNICATECCDETAILS Configured


Status Codes

PSC are sent when the status of the transaction is 500 or more. PSCs are sent only once in the transaction life cycle. Status changes for any transaction is not notified if PSCs are already delivered once for that specific transaction.