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Recurring transactions can be viewed as multiple transactions processed at predetermined intervals, representing an agreement between your customer and yourself to purchase goods or services provided over a period of time.

Key components

  • The consumer establishes a relationship with your company to receive ongoing services or goods until the contractual arrangement is cancelled.
  • The consumer gives you permission to debit his/her account on a recurring basis.
  • Transaction amount may be a fixed amount or may vary with each billing.
  • Future payments occurring on a regular cycle are not to exceed twelve months.

The GlobalCollect platform supports recurring transactions on various payment methods, including:

  • Credit Cards
  • Direct Debits
  • eWallets (limited to PayPal)

Additional Information

Credit Cards

If you process recurring transactions on a credit card, the cardholder must complete and deliver to you a cardholder approval for such goods or services to be charged to the account. The approval must at least specify:

  • The cardholder’s name
  • Address
  • Account number
  • Expiration date
  • The transaction amounts
  • Timing or frequency of recurring charges
  • The duration of time for which the cardholder’s permission is granted

Please note that you must obtain an authorization for each transaction; a positive authorization response for one recurring transactions card sale is not a guarantee that any future recurring authorization request will be approved or paid.

For all recurring transactions you should submit the CVV2 with the first authorization request, but not with subsequent authorization requests. Recurring transactions may not include partial payments for goods or services purchased in a single transaction. If you process recurring transactions, the recurring indicator must be included in each authorization request.

Direct Debits

If you process recurring transactions on a direct debit you must ensure that the mandate explicitly states that approval will be granted to debit the bank account on a recurring basis. For more information please refer to the Direct Debit section.

eWallets - PayPal

In order to process recurring PayPal transactions you need to be set-up for PayPal Reference Transactions. Reference Transactions allow you to collect recurring payments through PayPal for varying amounts of money on a varying schedule. The buyer can sign up for recurring payments as part of the Express Checkout flow. When you implement recurring payments using Reference Transactions, you control the amount of the transaction and when the transaction is initiated.

For more information please refer to the PayPal section.