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Version 1.148.0


  •   Instant Bank Transfer (payment product ID 865) specific output fields like BBAN bank account information are now returned if available. A bankAccountBban object and bic property have been added to the redirectPaymentMethodSpecificOutput object.


  • Fixed a bug which caused all properties related to 3-D Secure and Unscheduled-Card-On-File (UCOF)in the cardPaymentMethodSpecificInput property of the createPayment request to be ignored if a payment attempt was made with an account-on-file.
  • Subsequent Unscheduled-Card-On-File (UCOF) transactions will now be properly flagged as recurring transactions.
  • If you send an in invalid locale in GET paymentProduct, GET paymentProducts, GET paymentProductGroup and GET paymentProductGroups, we will use the locale that you have set as default in the configuration center.


Version 1.147.0


  • Added mapping of new statusCode 675 for redirect payment products to AUTHORIZATION_REQUESTED in preparation of Open Banking (paymentProductId 865). We will communicate separately about the ability to beta test this in the future.


  • It is no longer needed to send in the returnUrl for an Apple Pay transaction in case encryptedCustomerInput is submitted in your request


  • If you send in numberOfInstallments greater than 1, we reject the request in case the service provider configured for your account does not support installments.
  • Changed the stateCode field validators to use a case-insensitive regular expression with all Brazilian states. This change applies only for Boleto Bancario (paymentProductId 1503).
  • Updated our eNets (paymentProductId 810) integration (more detailed error messages)