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Version 1.155.0
Published on 19 Jul 2021
Published on 19 Jul 2021
Published on 26 Jul 2021


  • Added support for card payouts for GlobalCollect merchants. We will communicate separately about the ability to beta test this in the future.
  • The payment product Alipay recurring (paymentProductId 864) has been added. We will communicate separately about the ability to beta test this in the future.
  • Automatic tokenization of Unscheduled Card On File payments where unscheduledCardOnFileSequenceIndicator is 'first' and there is no token in the request.
  • Updating of tokens if the /tokenize payment endpoint is called for a payment with a card that already had a token. Note that only the expiryDate property will be updated in this manner.
  • The merchantAction.showData  array will now also return a COUNTRY key in the response of Bank Transfer Product (paymentProductId 11).


  • The convert amount call now returns the correct error code (400) when an invalid currencyCode is provided.


  • Deprecated property for hosted checkout mobilePaymentMethodSpecificInput.paymentProduct320SpecificInput.threeDSecure.redirectionData


    Version 1.154.0


    • The ability to do get payment calls for payments processed on the TechProcess platform that are still in a redirected state. Note that the get payment will still fail after the redirection url expires after 10 minutes.
    • The payment product kakaoPay (paymentProductId 876) has been added.


    • Changes to the default locale in the Configuration Center are now immediately used by the API Gateway.
    • Improved the mapping from IIN + charge type to paymentProductId.