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Version 1.158.0
Published on 01 Sep 2021
Published on 01 Sep 2021
Published on 14 Sep 2021


  • The Wordline Online Payment Acceptance (also referred to as Worldline Once Commerce Hub) payment engine identifier supported by the Worldline support organisation.
  • Enables Recurring functionality for all AlipayOSP Payment Products (871, 872, 874, 875, 876).


Version 1.157.0


  • Additional errors from the Ogone payment platform are now returned as clearer Connect errors.


  • The convert amount call now returns the correct error code (400) when an currency code is provided of which the corresponding currency has no rates.
  • In case of validation error for a deprecated property in Create Payout, the original property will be shown in response.
  • Tokenize payment will no longer update the card number of already existing tokens.