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Version 1.161.0
Published on 06 Oct 2021
Published on 06 Oct 2021


  • The Create Payment and get Payment Products calls can now also be used against the Worldline Online Payment Acceptance platform (also called Worldline One Commerce Hub). We will communicate separately about the ability to beta test this in the future.
  • Added a new payment product AlipayHK (paymentProductId 873). We will communicate separately about the ability to beta test this in the future.


  • We have loosened up the paymentProductId vs IIN (Issuer Identification Number, aka BIN or Bank Identification Number) data validation. So any call where the IIN doesn't match with the paymentProductId, the first matched IIN data will be appended to the transaction. We will not reject the request.
Version 1.160.0


  • You can now provide proof regarding the authentication you have already performed to support delegated authentication through the new property data in the order.customer.account.authentication object
  • Added a new property transactionRiskLevel to the cardPaymentMethodSpecificInput.threeDSecure object in the create hostedCheckout and create Payment endpoints to allow you to submit your own risk-score for us to use in case you use the automatic option for the exemptionRequest property.


  • Remove non-required field validation for Create Token request.


Version 1.159.0


  • Implemented the shared IIN service for the WOPA payment engine.
  • We have added support for two new authentication methods to support delegated authentication scenarios. They are added to the order.customer.account.authentication.method property.