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Published on 25 Apr 2022
Published on 25 Apr 2022
Published on 03 May 2022


  • Created initial link to the network token service. We will communicate separately about the ability to beta test this in the future.
  • Added support for the following payment products:
    • Visa Debit, paymentProductId 114
    • MasterCard Debit, paymentProductId 119
    • Visa Electron, paymentProductId 122
    • Lider, paymentProductId 6003
    • Creditel, paymentProductId 6004
    • OCA, paymentProductId 6005
    • Prex, paymentProductId 6006
    • Midinero, paymentProductId 6007
    • SafetyPay Cash, paymentProductId 6204
    • SafetyPay Banking, paymentProductId 880
    • PagoEfectivo, paymentProductId 6205
    • Baloto, paymentProductId 6202
    • Efecty, paymentProductId 6203
    • PSE, paymentProductId 6111
    • Nequi, paymentProductId 6110
  • The property transactionChannel can now also be used 
  • Added support for the following payment products in the Create Payment and Refund endpoints:
    • Sezzle, paymentProductId 8004
    • Clearpay, paymentProductId 8013
    • Afterpay, paymentProductId 8014


  • CardholderName is no longer missing in the 'cards' hostedcheckout payment page.
  • The error code UNKNOWN_PAYMENT_ID is now returned when cancelPayment is performed with an unknown payment id.
  • Get Payment Products is now restricted to currencyCode INR.
  • Fixed cancel payment for payments.


  • The regular expression for the cardholderName field is extended to allow Thorn (Þ, þ) as a character to be used.




  • It is now possible for the getProduct, getProducts and getNetworks endpoints to return the Mir network for Apple Pay. Please note that Apple has suspended the use of Mir cards.
  • Made properties fiscalNumber, firstName, surname and emailAddress required for payments in both Uruguay and Peru.