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Version 2.139.0
Published on 01 Sep 2021
Published on 01 Sep 2021
Published on 14 Sep 2021


  • Google Pay will now pass 3-D Secure version 2 required device information to the Globalcollect payment engine


  • Fixed an error condition for hosted checkout variants that had grouped cards enabled for merchants enabled for more than one payment engine
  • Payment selection cancel button disappearing when Google Pay was enabled
  • Fixed an unchecked NullPointerException that occurred when the system retrieved the locale information


Version 2.138.0


  • The field fiscalNumber is now visible (and required) for international TechProcess merchants on credit card details page.


Version 2.137.0


  •  In case you use the MyCheckout hosted payment pages, your consumer will need to provide the name on their card in case they are using one of the following cards and you have 3-D Secure enabled on your account: Visa (payment product ID 1), American Express (payment product ID 2), Mastercard (payment product ID 3), Visa Debit (payment product ID 114), Maestro (payment product ID 117, Mastercard Debit (payment product ID 119), Visa Electron (payment product ID 122), Discover (payment product ID 128), Carte Bancaire (payment product ID 130) and Diners Club (payment product ID 132).
  •  The payment product UPI will be supported in the hosted checkout flow. We will communicate separately about the ability to beta test this in the future.


    •  If you use Google Pay on the MyCheckout hosted payment pages and you have not provided the merchantName and the merchantOrigin in the Configuration Center or in the API request, we will not show Google Pay as a payment product to your consumers. Both properties are mandatory for Google Pay and the values must be provided in the aforementioned ways and as explained here.