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Version 2.129.0


  • The payment product Instant Bank Transfer (payment product ID 865) has been made available for the MyCheckout hosted payment pages. After some internal end-to-end testing we will open this product up for beta testing.
  • The logo of the payment product Instant Bank Transfer (payment product ID 865) is now available as asset.
  • The payment product name Instant Bank Transfer (payment product ID 865) has been added to the language packs. Please note that the payment product name is not yet localized. 


  • We no longer will show an error message in case a ZIP code entered by the consumer has only one character left or right of a dash.
  • The co-brand options list on the card number field is now focusable by keyboard. Pressing enter on any input field no longer resets the co-brand choice on the card number field.
  • It is not possible to use the autocomplete option to have the CVV field automatically be filled in case of a card payment.
  •  In case a consumer is paying using installments for card payments,  they will now only be able to pay with a card that does support this type of installment payments.


    Version 2.128.0


    • The state code validations now use a regular expression for all Brazilian states for payments using Boleto Bancario (paymentProductId 1503).


    Version 2.127.0


    • Autocomplete to all input fields to comply with WCAG 2.1 - 1.3.5 Identify Input Purpose
    • The form errors will now be announced by the screen reader to comply with WCAG 2.1 - 4.1.3. The details description can be found here


    • Tooltip not opening in Mac OS Firefox and Safari browser
    • The validation for the Resident Identity Card for the payment product China UnionPay (paymentProductId 869) is improved to provide consumers a better user experience.


    • User friendly error message will be shown in case of invalid IBAN.