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Version 2.125.0
Published on 16 Feb 2021
Published on 16 Feb 2021
Published on 23 Feb 2021


    • Consumers will no longer receive an error when attempting a second payment for the payment product Bancontact.
    • The validation which is performed on the values a consumer enters in the cardholderName field, is now also performed in case JavaScript is disabled.
    • The cardholderInfo which your consumer should see after a transaction for which 3-D Secure version 2 was applied, will be shown correctly on the result page of the MyCheckout hosted payment pages.
    • The privacy policy will appear correctly now in case no locale is provided in the request and we will also ensure we take your default locale as set in the configuration center to decide whether the German or the English privacy policy is shown.


  • The correct e-mail address is mentioned in the privacy policy, in case your consumers want to reach out to us.


Version 2.124.0


  • Keyboard navigation to tooltips


  • Create Hosted Checkout has to ignore blank or empty property hostedCheckoutSpecificInput.paymentProductFilters. That means, if this property is part of a Create Hosted Checkout request, the property will be ignored if blank or empty.
  • New logo for Google Pay