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Ingenico Connect is your gateway to the payment platforms within Ingenico ePayments:

  • Global Collect Payment Platform
  • Ogone Payment Platform (currently in beta)

For existing merchants, your Ingenico contract states the payment platform you can connect to. If you have any doubts about the services and payment platforms you have signed up with Ingenico ePayments, please consult your Ingenico contract or contact our customer representative.

If you are still considering which Ingenico ePayments’ solution best suits your needs, please check our subscription plans:

Learn more about subscriptions>>

The Ingenico Connect APIs have the same interface for both payment platforms. However, small exceptions are highlighted through dedicated “Global Collect” and “Ogone” tab buttons.

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Payment Methods

Ingenico ePayments offers more than 150 payment methods. Some are available on both platforms, whereas others are only available on one platform.

To view which payment methods are offered on each platform, you can click on the tab buttons as illustrated below.

For payment methods that are common to both platforms, make sure to refer to the right functional and technical process flows that are also differentiated by the tab buttons:

about ingenico connect_2 tabs