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  • Do I need to undergo a boarding process with Sofort?

    Worldline does need to provide information about you to Sofort, to indicate the industry which you are operating. We will perform this action during the implementation phase.

  • Do I require a separate contract with Sofort?

    No, we will arrange for you to be registered in the Sofort system. There is no need to sign a separate contract with Sofort.

  • Can SOFORT Überweisung payments be reversed by the consumer?

    No, SOFORT Überweisung payment are irreversible (no charge backs possible).

  • Are Sofort payments done in real-time?

    Yes, a transaction with Sofort is done in real-time, but has some exceptions whereby the transaction cannot be 100% guaranteed. This applies for less than 1% of the total volume. The reason for this is that Sofort is a bank-independent interface between the merchant and the consumer, and is not able to control the functionalities on the page hosted by the consumer’s bank.

  • What are the minimum and maximum amounts for a single transaction?
    • The minimum amount is EUR 1.00 per transaction.
    • The maximum amount is EUR 5000.00 per transaction.
  • When can a transaction be refunded?

    Refunds can be processed when the transaction has reached status 1000 (paid). The transaction will be refunded as a bank transfer.

    One-click refund functionality is supported for Sofort – the refund bank template will be pre-filled by us when a refund is requested in the system.

  • Is it possible to refund more than 100% of the original transaction?

    No, this is not possible.