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Our platform offers you an API to convert bank account details. It can be a helpful option if you deal with bank account details in BBAN format and wish to convert these details into IBAN. In order to guarantee the best possible data, Ingenico ePayments works with Experian, one of the market leaders in delivering data and data instruments.

This API call provides three possible results

  • Conversion of BBAN to IBAN
  • Conversion of IBAN to BBAN
  • Comparison of IBAN and BBAN

In order to use the Bank Account Conversion Services, please refer to our API Reference.

Process Flow


  1. The consumer provides the bank account details to you.
  2. You provide the bank account details in the request to us.
  3. Based on the actions requested in the request, we will:
    • Convert the BBAN to the IBAN.
    • Convert the IBAN to the BBAN.
    • Compare the IBAN and the BBAN.
  4. The results are returned by the system. 
  5. The results are provided to you.
    • Optionally, the data can be used for submitting a new Direct Debit or a refund.


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