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Description of Service

The GlobalCollect platform offers a service to process BSP batched transactions using the Airline standard IATA CSP (International Air Transport Association Credit Card Settlement Plan) file format as the base, enhanced with some additional acquirer specific fields. The benefit of BSP service is that all processing can be done with one batch file.

These batched transactions are delivered as an encrypted file and posted on a GlobalCollect Secure File Transfer (SFT) server.  The files can be placed directly by you or via an Worldline approved third party. A confirmation file which provides an update on errors/success of each transaction, can be retrieved from the same SFT directory.  The confirmation file is in XML format.  The transactions (both payments and refunds) can be viewed in GlobalCollect’s Web Payment Console and are reported in the WX files.

BSP is supported by the acquirers Elavon and Euroline for the credit card schemes VISA and MasterCard. Accelya and DalPay are the third parties who deliver the files.


MIDs are issued by Euroline/Elavon on a country/currency level and an entity is required for each. Each country and currency needs to be setup for processing in the BSP system – Accelya/DalPay takes care of this part together with the BSPs, and needs to be informed well in advance when setting up a new service.

Each country and currency needs to have a MID for the settlement at Euroline. The Merchant Implementation (MI) department takes care of setting this up and reporting the MIDs to Accelya/DalPay for you. You need to provide entities for each country where you want to process BSP transactions. The merchant Implementation Manager needs to apply this on your behalf and supply the entity information to Euroline/Elavon.


  1. Consumer selects to pay at Travel Agency.
  2. BSP (Accelya/DalPay or similar 3rd party) collects all agency orders.
  3. The pre-authorized transactions & refunds are sent in offline batch files to a dedicated SFT directory at the GlobalCollect platform.
  4. Orders and refunds are imported into the GlobalCollect platform.
  5. The GlobalCollect platform prepares and sends the settlement files to the Acquirers for processing.
  6. Acquirers settle with us.
  7. We remit to you.

Input Files

The following file format rules need to be adhered to:

  • File Format - IATA CSP (see file specifications in the BSP documentation package)
  • File Name - To be agreed between party delivering the file and Worldline
  • Times - To be agreed between party delivering the file and Worldline
  • Airline Code - To be agreed between party delivering the file and Worldline
  • Currencies and country combinations - To be configured in the GlobalCollect platform. The Implementation Manager will arrange this.

You need to provide the below information to the Implementation Manager:

  • Will a third Party be delivering the file
  • Name of third party
  • Encryption of the file
  • What encryption mechanism is used to encrypt file

Mandatory Elavon Fields

The following fields are mandatory fields to be provided:

  • Point of Sale Name - Must be provided, even if you do not have information from the BSP merchant, you must set this up from your system.
  • Flight Date - Flight date must always be included.
  • Carrier - The same goes with the carrier, if we do not receive the data we cannot forward it. We always fill in the carrier code when we have it.
  • Airline Code - Today the first three digits of the ticket number in the file is the airline code e.g. 1082627579629 (108 is the airline code).
  • Reservation Booking Designator - The reservation booking designator is always included when we have the information.

Flight Data

The CSP IATA standard file, which Accelya/DalPay sends you, reports the flight date with five positions, e.g. 18OCT and the year is not included.

The year can be calculated based on the issuing date. The flight date is after the issue date and cannot be more than a year later than the issue date.

E.g. if you see Issue date: 18/10/2012

  • Flight date: 19OCT           then this should read 2012
  • Flight date: 17OCT           then this should read 2013

NOTE: for non BSP airlines using  Euroline if the FLIGHTDATE data is not received, the Flight Date of the first leg will be used when available.

Files Rejected

Files will be rejected for the following reasons:

  • Incorrect Country Code or Currency Codes are submitted – these need to be in Unicode letters.
  • File format is out of alignment (this can happen when data is changed manually in the file).
  • Submitting currencies which have not been configured for your account at the GlobalCollect platform.


WX / Appendix Collection Report

  • +IP for payments,  -RI for reversals/chargeback’s
  • The WX file reports the merchant reference which includes the currency of the transaction and ticket number.

XSD example of an output file:

XSD Example

<batchProcessingResponses xmlns="">
            <message>The value 0 of field PAYMENT.AMOUNT is not a positive amount.</message>


Before processing in production, you will need to go through our accreditation testing with a sample file to cover the following types of scenarios which may occur in production.

  • The file format is as expected to ensure successful processing (e.g. all mandatory fields are being submitted and the alignment of the file is correct).
  • The encryption process (sharing of keys) works.

The information for the specific acquirer is being included (sometimes there are fields not determined in the CSP to be mandatory which the acquirer still expects)

For example:

  • Cards without expiry dates from ARC (Airlines Reporting Corporation)
  • Leg departure dates missing
  • What to expect if currencies were not configured
  • Cards failing lunch check or where expiration date is expired

Additional Information

Chargebacks & Liability

The Airline will pass on any fraudulent chargebacks to the agent who is responsible by the BSP rules. Once a ticket is issued, the liability for delivery of the service shifts automatically to the airline. Tickets are issued after completion of the booking on the GDS (Global Distribution Systems) with a successful authorization. We receive the settlement request 1 - 2 workdays after authorization.

Separate Account

A separate account is required for the processing of the BSP transactions. Your Implementation Manager will be responsible for ensuring this is setup and configured for you.


BSP processing for the following countries is currently not supported:

  • India
  • South Africa
  • Mexico
  • Brazil
  • Colombia
  • Chile
  • Japan


Can be delivered in the same file with payments through Accelya & DalPay. 

Same day refunds and payments are possible to deliver in the same file.


  • We received no confirmation file?

    We will verify if the file has been created and confirmed. When created, file will be placed on SFT again or can be send by e-mail. 

  • We received an error that the file could not be processed, what do we do?

    Check error message and  correct the information in file or remove information from the file. Submit the file again for processing.

  • Where to deliver the input file?

    A SFTP directory will be setup by the Implementation Manager assigned to the merchant.